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09/20/2012 by stabbinrobots

I’m not so great at understanding accents.
My Mom likes the show Coronation Street and, though I know we’re speaking the same language, I generally have trouble following the dialogue. This is all fine and dandy for old people television shows, but in real life, it gets tricky.
My Dad works for the British Embassy. (Don’t get your hopes up if you are thinking of holding me for ransom, I wouldn’t be able to get you much more than a Happy Meal). The people he works with are generally lovely and I am envious that they get to travel and work in different countries (even if they have to endure our six month winters) but it can be awkward to make small talk with them.

The slight difference between “artistic” and “autistic” can be huge in a conversation. Are we talking about arts programs or ABA therapy here?!

(This may or may not have actually happened)


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