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10/14/2012 by stabbinrobots

Baby Showers by Stabbin' Robots

I went to a baby shower today. Like, pretty much all day.

Women lose their minds at these things. Ok, so I sometimes find tiny shoes cute, and I love Disney Princess stuff (I know, shut up) but these women were tripping balls over washcloths.

There were also games. In one, you had to look inside diapers and guess what kind of baby food was inside. Seriously, someone took the time to smear six types of baby food inside diapers, and like twenty women peered, sniffed, and even tasted what was inside. I backed away and tried not to ralf (ralph?) This was someone’s idea of a good time.

My idea of a good time was the little sandwiches, cheese curds, and coffee. Aw yus.

Ladies be crazy.


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