Incoming Happiness for Nerds, Hams, and Asians

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11/19/2012 by stabbinrobots

This is the best thing to happen to me since getting my boyfriend’s cat to respond to “Herpes” as her name.
IGN has announced that karaoke is coming to Xbox this holiday season! Rather than being a karaoke game where you buy the game and then pay to download additional tracks (like the Lips series, which I love) Karaoke is going to be on the Live Arcade.

God, I hope they have a lot of one-hit-wonders

It will work a bit like renting a karaoke hall or machine, you specify the amount of time you will want to play (two hours, six hours, even twenty-four hours) and pay based on that. All the songs (the library boasts over 8,000 titles) will then stream, so no downloading of tracks necessary.

Your existing hardware (mics from Lips, Rock Band, even your gaming headset) will be compatible, and if you have Smart Glass, you can even queue up songs for uninterrupted singing.
I am excited! Though I don’t really have any karaoke friends anymore, they’ve all either moved out-of-province or aren’t friends anymore/ever truly were. Dammit, I need to make new friends. DAMN YOU, XBOX! You’re supposed to make being a shut-in easier!



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