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  1. Butter Confusion

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    10/10/2013 by stabbinrobots

    Yes. My Pug’s name is Butter and she is awesome. Advertisements

  2. I Love Bats

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    04/05/2013 by stabbinrobots

    You HAVE to check out StarrlightJewelry‘s website or Facebook page. Not only do they have amazing jewelry, but your purchase …
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  3. I been sick, yo

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    01/18/2013 by stabbinrobots


    I never “catch a little cold” like most people do. I get blasted by Ares if Ares was the God …
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  4. This is what people do when they are too lame to go out for Hallowe’en but desperately want to.

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    10/31/2012 by stabbinrobots

    Great White and Grey

    So, I’m on Twitter and I see this tweet: (My bf is a gigantic nerd for wrestling, has been his …
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