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  1. WTB?

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    08/29/2013 by stabbinrobots

    So, blogging isn’t easy.   Ok, so blogging is easy. Quality blogging isn’t easy, for me at least. Don’t worry, …
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  2. Join my Band?

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    06/16/2013 by stabbinrobots

    This story is a bit roundabout, so stay with me. When I was younger (in middle and high school) I …
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  3. Mitch McConnell Facebook Meme

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    04/18/2013 by stabbinrobots

    Posting this screencap before the image is taken off Facebook and claimed that “some intern” posted it without his support. …
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  4. Holy pumpernickel!

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    02/16/2013 by stabbinrobots

    I haven’t had anything to write/draw about in ages. BUT! I did just get an idea for a comic strip …
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