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  1. I been sick, yo

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    01/18/2013 by stabbinrobots


    I never “catch a little cold” like most people do. I get blasted by Ares if Ares was the God …
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  2. Suggest someone I know, maybe

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    12/01/2012 by stabbinrobots

    Oh, Facebook. Will we ever NOT complain about you while holding on to you like a crack head and his …
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  3. I’m the Worst Person in the World


    11/16/2012 by stabbinrobots

    I am such a jerk

    Here’s a quickie comic I drew based on real life events. I am very ill right now so maybe I …
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  4. But thanks for making me feel like crap!

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    11/01/2012 by stabbinrobots

    Thanks a ton, Google

    Targeted ads, targeting the things that make you sad. And fat. And a Firefox user.  

  5. By Sasquatch


    10/24/2012 by stabbinrobots

    Meet My Tiny Mother

    My mother is tiny and brown and I love her.   Wait, she is not poop (I don’t even love …
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  6. Hating Humanity: The Joys of Working in Retail

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    10/07/2012 by stabbinrobots

    I used to work in retail, and drew some silly comics. I have had many jobs, and faced many morons. …
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  7. Slowing My Rolls

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    09/18/2012 by stabbinrobots

    I saw this online, dunno where it came from

    I saw this online, can’t credit the source though. Lemme know and I will correct. I love food and hate …
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